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Establishing Directions in Postfire Debris Flow Science Conference

The science of post-wildfire debris flows has evolved rapidly over the past few decades as wildfires have become more frequent, larger, and more severe, impacting human health and the developed landscape. Post-wildfire debris flow science encompasses a wide variety of fields, including hydrology, geomorphology, engineering, remote sensing, atmospheric science, ecology, and data science.

National Native Seed Virtual Conference 2024

The National Native Seed Conference (NNSC) is excited to announce a virtual conference in 2024! The NNSC connects research, industry, land management, and restoration professionals, providing the premier opportunity to develop relationships and share information about the collection, research and development, production, and use of native plant materials.

Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference


The 7th International Fire Behaviour and Fuels Conference offers a forum where past Fire Management experience and lessons learned are documented, current work showcased, and emerging research, innovation and techniques on fire management shared, towards developing integrated solutions to these challenges.

Wildland Urban Interface 2015


At the WUI conference you'll learn about the latest programs at work in the wildland community. It's also the perfect place to learn about new resources and how they can benefit you and your community. Tap into the knowledge being shared and get involved when you attend WUI.