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What is a StoryMap?

ArcGIS StoryMaps harness the power of maps to tell stories that matter.

Where and which tribally-important ecosystem services will be affected by climate change in the Pacific Northwest?

Here in the American West, a new generation of wildfires has become part of daily life. As the climate continues to warm and drought becomes more prolonged, our wildfire risk will continue to increase.  This Fire Facts guide was created to provide basic wildfire information, background, terminology, and resources to increase your knowledge and understanding of wildland fire and the ways we can all contribute to better fire outcomes.

Wildfire involves a diversity of land managers, owners, and stakeholders with their own roles and resources. Strategic coordination across this diversity of actors can be challenging. Social science research about collaboration recognizes the importance of building trust, but that can be hard to foster at large scales. To sustain necessary collective action, we find that a number of “boundary spanning features” may be key. These “BSFs” create ways for different actors to understand each other, share resources and responsibilities, and implement their visions.

The Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Fire Program created a StoryMap to aid in wildfire recovery. The StoryMap describes the events that caused the Labor Day wildfires, contains a map showing relevant spatial data (e.g. burn severity), and lists resources covering a variety of post-fire topics.