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The Northwest Fire Science Consortium works to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science. We connect managers, practitioners, scientists, and local communities and collaboratives working on fire issues on forest and range lands in Washington and Oregon.

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NWFSC is one of
fifteen regional exchanges
sponsored by the Joint Fire Science Program.

Wildland Firefighter Health Series

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Hot Topics

Oregon Wildfire Smoke Communications and Impacts: An Evaluation of the 2020 Wildfire Season

Authored by M.R. Coughlan; H. Huber-Stearns; B. Clark; A. Deak; Published 2022

Oregon Health Authority and the University of Oregon partnered to conduct a survey-based evaluation of wildfire smoke communications and impacts

Comparing Geography and Severity of Managed Wildfires in California and the Southwest USA before and after the Implementation of the 2009 Policy Guidance

Authored by J.M. Iniguez; A.M. Evans; S. Dadashi; J.D. Young; M.D. Meyer; A.E. Thode; S.J. Hedwall; S.M. McCaffrey; S.D. Fillmore; R. Bean; Published 2022

Cascadia Burning: The historic, but not historically unprecedented, 2020 wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, USA

Authored by M.J. Reilly; A. Zuspan; J.S. Halofsky; C. Raymond; A. McEvoy; A.W. Dye; D.C. Donato; J.B. Kim; B.E. Potter; N. Walker; R.J. Davis; C.J. Dunn; D.M. Bell; M.J. G; Published 2022

Governing ecosystem adaptation: An investigation of adaptive capacity within environmental governance networks

Authored by M. Sehrsweeney; A.Paige Fischer; Published 2022

Climate change is impacting ecosystems in dynamic ways. In order to mitigate the risks brought about by these ecosystem changes, ecosystem

Future climate risks from stress, insects and fire across US forests

Authored by W.R.L. Anderegg; O.S. Chegwidden; G. Badgley; A.T. Trugman; D. Cullenward; J.T. Abatzoglou; J.A. Hicke; J. Freeman; J.J. Hamman; Published 2022

Forests are currently a substantial carbon sink globally. Many climate change mitigation strategies

A collaborative agenda for archaeology and fire science

Authored by G. Snitker; C.I. Roos; A.P. Sullivan; Y. Maezumi; D.W. Bird; M.R. Coughlan; K.M. Derr; L. Gassaway; A. Klimaszewski-Patterson; R.A. Loehman; Published 2022

Humans have influenced global fire activity for millennia and will continue to do so into the future. Given the long-