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The Future is Smoky

With increasing wildfire activity due to changes in climate, smoke will likely become more prevalent and continue to have an effect on society. Earlier this year, smoke from Canada wildfires lowered air quality in the eastern U.S. to its worst levels in recorded history. As the climate heats up and creates drier conditions, smoky skies will grow increasingly common.

Webinar: Prescribed Burns as a Tool to Mitigate Future Wildfire Smoke Exposure

Catastrophic wildfires in the western United States pose significant risks to public health, infrastructure, and ecosystems. As these wildfires become more frequent, there is a growing need for a common methodology to identify suitable locations for prescribed burning aimed at mitigating future wildfire impacts to affected populations and ecosystems.

Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Webinar Series

This webinar series highlights tribes and tribal organizations that have been addressing climate change impacts through conducting assessments and developing and implementing adaptation strategies. It also provides an overview of funding and technical resources that are available both regionally and nationally.

The ability of wildfire to act as fuel treatment

This webinar will highlight results from a study investigating the ability of wildfire to act as a fuel treatment. The study evaluated whether or not wildfires limited the occurrence, size, and severity of subsequent wildfires in four large wilderness complexes in Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico.

Timber tax update for the 2014 tax year

This webinar is designed to help woodland owners, foresters and their tax advisors prepare for the filing of their 2014 federal tax returns. In addition to providing useful tax tips and covering the latest changes to tax law, the webinar will also cover these important issues: tax deductions, timber income reporting, 1099-S filing, basis, loss, and the filing of Form T.