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Westside Fire Regime Summit Presentations

Westside Fire Regime Summit - EVENT WEBSITE

WEDNESDAY, May 24th, 2017


Morgan Varner, US Forest Service, Uniting Fire Ecology and Management in Westside Ecosystems

Prairie, Grassland, Meadow, Woodland

Conifer Forests

Fire Regime: Past, Present, Future: Addressing Multiple Perspectives
Ed Alverson, Lane County Parks

Fire Regime: Past, Present, Future; Addressing Multiple Perspectives
Tom Spies, US Forest Service

Ecology: Fires Effect on Plants
Sarah Hamman, Center for Natural Lands Management

Ecology: Effects of Fire on Vegetation
Steve Acker, US Forest Service


Current Lay of the Land: Key Issues in Conifer Forests
Mike Cloughesy, Oregon Forest Resources Institute

THURSDAY, May 25th, 2017

Prairie, Grassland, Meadow, Woodland

Conifer Forests

Restoration in Oak Woodlands
Amanda Stamper, The Nature Conservancy
Jeremiah Maghan, Willamette Valley Natl Wildlife Refuge

How Can Historical Fire Dynamics Inform Restoration
Needs in Infrequent Stand-replacing Regimes?
Josh Halofsky, Washington DNR
Dan Donato, Washington DNR

Restoration in Dry or Wet Prairie
John Richardson, JBLM Fish & Wildlife

Restoring Mixed Severity Fires on the Willamette
National Forest: Opportunities & Challenges
Jane Kertis, US Forest Service

 Dry Meadows
Molly Juillerat, US Forest Service

Low Severity & Frequent Fires
Darren Borgias, The Nature Conservancy

Consideration of Fire Regimes and Other Factors in Management of Westside Forest Landscapes
Jerry Franklin, University of Washington


Managing Wildfire for Ecological Benefit
Todd Rankin, National Park Service

Ending Plenary

John Bailey, Oregon State University,  Where Do We Go From Here? Something Has to Change
Craig Goodell, Bureau of Land Management,  Cohesive Strategy: The Path Forward in Wildland Fire Management