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The Northwest Fire Science Consortium works to accelerate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of wildland fire science. We connect managers, practitioners, scientists, and local communities and collaboratives working on fire issues on forest and range lands in Washington and Oregon.

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NWFSC is one of
fifteen regional exchanges
sponsored by the Joint Fire Science Program.

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Hot Topics

Perceptions of wildland fire smoke

Authored by A. Ellison; H. Huber-Stearns; S.S. Frederick; M.R. Coughlan; S. McCaffrey; C.S. Olsen; Published 2021

With exposure to wildland fire smoke projected
to further increase (Barbero et al. 2015) there is a
clear need for efforts to better mitigate or adapt to
smoke impacts in high-risk areas. Such efforts rely

Long-term effects of fuel treatments, overstory structure, and wildfire on tree regeneration in dry forests of Central Washington

Authored by A.K. Rossman; J.D. Bakker; D.W. Peterson; C.B. Halpern; Published 2020

The long-term eectiveness of dry-forest fuels treatments (restoration thinning and

Wildfire severity and postfire salvage harvest effects on long-term forest regeneration

Authored by N.A. Povak; D.J. Churchill; C.A. Cansler; P.F. Hessburg; V.R. Kane; J.T. Kane; J.A. Lutz; A.J. Larson; Published 2020

Following a wildfire, regeneration to forest can take decades to centuries and is no longer

The "strings attached" to community difference and potential pathways to fire adaptiveness in the wildland urban interface

Authored by M.C. Billings; M.S. Carroll; T.B. Paveglio; Published 2021

This article identifies specific social characteristics in two wildland urban interface communities

The 1994 Eastside screens large-tree harvest limit: review of science relevant to forest planning 25 years later

Authored by P.F. Hessburg; S. Charnley; K.L. Wendel; E.M. White; P.H. Singleton; D.W. Peterson; J.E. Halofsky; A.N. Gray; T.A. Spies; R.L. Flitcroft; R. White; Published 2020

In 1994, a large-tree

Tamm review: The effects of prescribed fire on wildfire regimes and impacts: A framework for comparison

Authored by M.E. Hunter; M.D. Robles; Published 2020

Prescribed fire can result in significant benefits to ecosystems and society. Examples include improved wildlife
habitat, enhanced biodiversity, reduced