The 2016 Gatlinburg Fire: Tactics, Issues, and Lessons Learned

June 15, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
California Fire Science Consortium

Join us for our final WUI Webinar of 2017 with speaker Steve Roark, Area Forester for the Tennessee Division of Forestry as we discuss the events of the 2016 Gatlinburg fire.

About the Webinar:

The November 28, 2016 wildfire at Gatlinburg, TN was the perfect storm of combined drought, high wind, and very dense and widespread wildland urban interface conditions. In a 10 hour period   it burned 18,000 acres along with 2000 structures and caused 14 deaths. This presentation will discuss these extreme fire conditions and the tactics used by the TN Division of Forestry in protecting structures before and after the fire moved through the community.  What Gatlinburg is doing concerning future wildfire prevention will also be discussed.

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