Disturbance and Sustainability in Forests of the Western United States

TitleDisturbance and Sustainability in Forests of the Western United States
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBarrett, TM, Robertsons, GC
JournalGen. Tech. Rep.
Keywordsclimate change, disturbances, pathogens, resilience, technical reports and journal articles, vegetation, wildfire

This report assesses recent forest disturbance in the Western United States and discusses implications for sustainability. Individual chapters focus on fire, drought, insects, disease, invasive plants, and socioeconomic impacts. Disturbance data came from a variety of sources, including the Forest Inventory and Analysis program, Forest Health Protection, and the National Interagency Fire Center. Disturbance trends with the potential to affect forest sustainability include altera-tions in fire regimes, periods of drought in some parts of the region, and increases in invasive plants, insects, and disease. Climate affects most disturbance processes, particularly drought, fire, and biotic disturbances, and climate change is expected to continue to affect disturbance processes in various ways and degrees.