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Creighton J. NWFSC Activity Report - Climate change assessment for Tribal lands in the Pacific Northwest.; 2017.PDF icon Tacoma workshop report.pdf (6.96 MB)
Creighton J. NWFSC Activity Report - Fire Without Borders: Observations, Experiences, and Lessons Learned from the 36-Pit Fire.; 2015.PDF icon 36-Pit Fire Field Tour Final Report.pdf (2.56 MB)
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County D. Plan, Prep, Go! Deschutes County Evacuation Guide. 2012. Available at:
Council NScience an. Wildland Fire Science and Technology Task Force Final Report.; 2015:29 p.PDF icon sdr_wildfire_st_task_force_final_report-1.pdf (1017.49 KB)
Council G'sWildfire E. Recovering & rebuilding from Oregon's 2020 wildfires. 2021.PDF icon Wildfire Report FINAL.pdf (4.62 MB)
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Coughlan MR. Social Vulnerability and Wildfire in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Literature synthesis. (Ellison A, ed.).; 2019:24. Available at: icon WP_96.pdf (2.74 MB)
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Copes-Gerbitz K, Dickson-Hoyle S, Ravensbergen SL, et al. Community Engagement With Proactive Wildfire Management in British Columbia, Canada: Perceptions, Preferences, and Barriers to Action. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change. 2022;5(829125).PDF icon Copes-Gerbitz et al_2022_Community Engagement with Proactive Wildfire Management in BC_Perceptions Preferences and Barriers.pdf (9.61 MB)
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Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What is? WUI.; 2017.PDF icon WUI Final.pdf (693.6 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Research Brief #22 - Policy barriers & opportunities for prescribed fire application in the Western US.; 2020.PDF icon NWFSC_RB22_RxFirePolicy (002).pdf (1.46 MB)
Consortium NFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What is? BAER.; 2016.PDF icon BAER.pdf (644.25 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: When is? A Fire Contained, Controlled, and Out.; 2016.PDF icon ControlledvsContained.pdf (840.62 KB)
Consortium NFire Scien. NWFSC Fire Facts: What are? Parts of a Wildfire.; 2019.PDF icon Parts of a Fire.pdf (583.09 KB)
Consortium NWFire Scien. NWFSC Research Brief #13: Contracted Suppression Resources: Private Engine Dispatch and Sharing in the Northwest.; 2017.PDF icon NWFSC_RB13_Private engines.pdf (1.31 MB)