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Manzello SL, Shields JR, yang JC. On the use of a firebrand generator to investigate the ignition of structures in WUI fires.; 2013.PDF icon f07081.pdf (5.12 MB)
Mahood AL, Lindrooth EJ, Cook MC, Balch JK. Open Scientific Data: Country-level fire perimeter datasets (2001–2021). Scientific Data. 2022;9(458).PDF icon Mahood et al_2022_scientific data_country-level fire perimeter.pdf (2.18 MB)
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Coughlan MR, Huber-Stearns H, Clark B, Deak A. Oregon Wildfire Smoke Communications and Impacts: An Evaluation of the 2020 Wildfire Season. Ecosystem Workforce Program Working Paper. 2022;111. Available at: icon OHA-smoke-survey-report_2020 Wildfires_Final.pdf (5.71 MB)
Davis EJ. Oregon's State Wood Energy Team: A Grant Program Review.; 2016:16 p.PDF icon WP_69.pdf (2.36 MB)
Eisenberg C. Out of the Ashes: Ecological Resilience to Extreme Wildfire, Prescribed Burns, and Indigenous Burning in Ecosystems Anderson CL, ed. frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 2019.PDF icon Eisenberg_etal_2019_OutOfTheAshes.pdf (4.24 MB)
Hunter ME. Outcomes of fire research: is science used?. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 2016;Online early.
Absher JD, jerry Vaske J, Lyon KM. Overcoming barriers to firewise actions by residents.; 2013. Available at: icon 10-3-01-15_final_report.pdf (1.89 MB)